"Therefore let us go forth to Him, outside the camp, bearing His reproach. For here we have no continuing city, but we seek the one to come."
Hebrews 13:13-14

Without exception, the Apostles of Jesus Christ established Christian assemblies in homes. The open persecution of Christians in a hostile culture simply did not allow the kind of open practice of the Faith that we still enjoy in America. Severe persecution kept the earliest Christian assemblies pure, keeping out the fakers and strengthening faithful believers. The persecution also kept their minds focused on "the hope set before us," our "anchor of the soul," the arrival of the Kingdom of God upon the earth. Modern Christianity has largely lost sight of the true Hope which was intended to sustains us. For the majority, Christianity is all about God catering to us, how God can make our lives easier, and how to get what we want out of God. Instead of true "worship" which demands humble submission, we have packaged entertainment as "worship." Convicting messages that hold up a higher standard of righteousness have been replaced with "relevant" sermons that cater to the modern me-centered Christianity. Modern Christianity is producing anemic Christians. Most churches are failing miserably to teach the Bible as it was intended, and failing to equip members for the end-times described by the prophets, Jesus, the Apostles, and Revelation. Superficial Christianity will not survive the time of trouble on the horizon. 4Winds Fellowships seeks to provide in-depth resources to build up "overcomers" and equip whole local assemblies to persevere in the end-times.

"New wineskins" are desperately needed for the end-times. Modern Christian pastors and leaders have largely failed to take the many warnings in Scripture concerning the last days seriously. The biblical model for training new Christian leaders is that pastors and teaching elders are to mentor "faithful men" within their own assemblies to eventually be their replacements (1 Tim. 2:1-2). Denominational seminaries and Christian colleges do not follow the biblical model. They often produce theological clones who have not pursued Truth objectively, and young leaders who do not have the life experience and tested character necessary to meet biblical standards. Frequently, they produce "hirelings" who abandon the flock when the wolf approaches or when a more lucrative opportunity comes alone. Christian education is also prohibitively expensive for many good leadership candidates. BBI is not beholden to any denomination or creed, but is on the cutting edge of biblical studies in the pursuit of pristine Christianity. BBI provides an in-depth, free, biblical education which is absolutely critical for having a solid understanding of God, His plan, His promises, and to teach the Word of God accurately.

The LGV is an entirely new translation of the Greek New Testament intended for end-time teachers of God's Word. It is a great study resource for those who wish to get the flavor and nuance of the Greek text without learning Greek. It also corrects a great deal of translator bias found in most English translations. The extensive study notes help equip Bible teachers and home fellowship leaders. The LGV is a work in progress. The LGV is free to download, and when completed will be available in print.

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