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MODULE II. The Doctrine of God

The concept of a Trinity of three co-equal, co-eternal divine Persons is Roman Catholic dogma, gradually formed by a synthesis of Greek philosophy with biblical revelation, and then codified in the Catholic Creeds. Protestants and Evangelicals have not challenged this teaching because they have not abandoned the Greek philosophical foundation on which it is built. Unitarians, in their attempt to distance themselves from this false foundation, have abandoned the teaching of Jesus, Paul, and John concerning Jesus' preexistence as the divine, "only-begotten Son of God": that He was "the First-begotten of all creation," that He was God's agent through whom all things were created, that He repeatedly appeared to the Patriarchs as God's "Messenger," that as God's agent He carried Israel throughout her history, that He was the "husband" to Jerusalem but divorced her, that He "came down from heaven" and in doing so "emptied Himself" in order to become fully human to suffer death on our behalf. All of these truths are demanded by the plain sense reading of Scripture, and are supported by the earliest writings of the post-apostolic Christians.
NOTICE: This series will be completely redone following the completion of Module 11. BBI Students should wait on this section until this is completed.
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