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MODULE III. The Doctrine of Man

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Modern Christians have continued to embrace the Roman Catholic blending of Greek (Platonic) philosophy with Christianity concerning the nature of man. Plato taught that man is an eternal "soul" which has migrated from heaven into a material body of flesh within this material creation. The body is therefore a prison for the soul and death is an escape from this prison. The soul's destiny is to escape the material creation, including the body, to ascend back to heaven its real home. This was the foundation of the doctrine of reincarnation, the necessary process for the soul's purification before it could escape the physical creation entirely. The Bible, on the other hand, teaches that man is living flesh, that in death consciousness ceases, and the only hope for man is the resurrection of the body. Thus, as Paul stated, if there is no resurrection, Christians who have fallen asleep have perished. Death is a curse, not a release. Victory over death comes only at the resurrection of the body.
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  1. Introduction

  2. Three Views of Man

  3. Blending of Greek Ideologies

  4. Implications of "Immortality of the Soul"

  5. The Essence of Man - Part 1

  6. The Essence of Man - Part 2

  7. The Essence of Man - Part 3

  8. Ghost Stories - Samuel

  9. Ghost Stories - Abraham

    • Ghost Stories - Rich Man & Lazarus

      Ghost Stories - Rich Man & Lazarus

  10. Ghost Stories - Moses & Elijah

  11. Ghost Stories - Jesus & the Dying Thief

  12. Ghost Stories - Jesus' Ghost Preaching

  13. Ghost Stories - Paul's Ghost in Heaven?

  14. Ghost Stories - Ghosts of the Martyrs?

  15. Why God Created Man

  16. Sin Nature, Part 1

  17. Sin Nature, Part 2

  18. Races & Racism, Part 1

  19. Races & Racism, Part 2