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MODULE VIII. The Christian Assembly

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Christianity has drifted a long way from Apostolic times. The moden "church" is nothing like the early Christian assemblies. Gone is the order, the submissive reverence for God, the in-depth teaching and instruction, and most importantly - God's own presence within the assembly. These things have been replaced by either the imposition of the commandments of men, or entertainment and tickling of the ears. Jesus' words to the Laodicean assembly still hold true today for most churches, "Look! I have stood at the door and I am knocking. If anyone should hear my knock and open the door, I will come in to him and dine with him and he with Me."
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  1. The Meaning of 'Ekklesia'

  2. Passing the Torch

  3. The 'Body of Christ' Metaphor

  4. The 'Temple of God' Metaphor

  5. The 'House of God' Metaphor

  6. The Collective Redemption of the Elect

  7. The Covenant 'Family of God'

  8. Membership in the Body of Christ

  9. 'Fellowship' & the Temple of God

  10. The 'Day of the Assembly'