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MODULE IV. The Destiny of Man

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The Old Testament teaches that the destiny of the righteous is resurrection to the permanent Land inheritance promised to Abraham, when God restores the creation in the coming Kingdom. The destiny of the wicked is resurrection to stand before the judgment, and then utter destruction in the fire of Gehenna (a literal place south of Jerusalem). The New Testament reinforces this teaching throughout and applies these destinies to Christians and those who reject the Gospel. However, most modern Christians still drink from Rome's cup, a co-mixture of Greek mythology and Christianity, and try to impose those ideas onto the New Testament.
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  1. Introduction

  2. The ORIGINAL Lie

  3. Abraham's Inheritance

  4. Death to the Wicked

  5. Gehenna, the Fire that Incinerates

  6. The END of the Wicked - A Summary

  7. The END of Satan & His Angels

  8. The Perspective of TIME (Part 1)

  9. The Perspective of TIME (Part 2)

  10. What About Heaven?