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MODULE V. Redemption of Creation

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God did not create this world to be temporary, but permanently sustained by Himself. The curse brought about by sin - this present fallen system - is what is temporary. The whole creation is to be restored to its pristine state. Man's redemption and restoration is a part of this master-plan. Out of the chaos caused by the rebellion of mankind, God has from the beginning been calling out a special covenant people for Himself, to be "brethren" for His own Son, and co-sharers in His Son's inheritance of the whole redeemed and restored creation.
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  1. Introduction

  2. Destruction of the Wicked is Necessary

  3. The Sons of God vs. the Sons of the Devil

  4. Sethites, the First "Sons of God"

  5. Restoration Begins with Abraham

  6. Fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant

  7. Who are "Abraham's Seed?"

  8. Discipline of God's Son - Israel

  9. The Education of Jacob - Lessons 1-3

  10. Jacob Fails His First Exam

  11. Choose LIFE or DEATH

  12. A Taste of Victory & Prosperity

  13. Discipline of a Fickle Son

  14. David Becomes King

  15. The Davidic Covenant

  16. Solomon's Failed Dynasty

  17. The First Exile (70 Years)

  18. The Return from Exile

  19. Dating the Messiah of Daniel's Prophecy

  20. The "Stumbling Stone" & "Foundation Stone"

  21. The Restoration of All Things