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MODULE X. The Book of Hebrews

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The book of Hebrews best presents the mature Apostolic doctrine of Christ, His preexistence as God's Agent in Creation, His interaction with Abraham as "Melchizedek, Priest of God Most High," His transformation to full humanity to redeem mankind, His assuming again His Melchizedek priesthood at God's right hand, and His coming again to establish His Kingdom and claim the inheritance of the Land and all nations promised to Him in Psalm 2. Hebrews provides the path to overcoming in the end times by following the examples and patterns of faith of those from the OT who fully pleased God, and by Jesus' own example. Hebrews explains God's entire plan of redemption, from creation to the consumation, far better than any other biblical book. Mastering Hebrews is essential for any effective Bible teacher.
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